English Essentials Preparation Course

Brief Program Description

This program is aimed at improving student in the use of the English language competently and application in life.

Each student will learn to listen, read, write and speak the language effectively for variety of functions, with emphasis on building a strong foundation skills in the use of the language competently in all areas of life.

Admission Requirements

Successful completion of High School or equivalent

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this program the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • Listen and interact with others confidently in any given situations
  • Read with ease and with full comprehension on any given materials
  • Write with clarity and coherently in any correspondence
  • Speak with clarity and express fully in all levels of communication

Methods of Evaluation
  • Assessments - 60%
  • Assignments - 40%
Completion Requirements

Student must complete all directed assignments and all assessments with passing score of minimum 70% in total.

Program Duration

60 hours — based on 3 hours per day, for a total of four weeks Homework

Homework Hours

Expected 2 hours per day

Delivery Method(s)
  • In-class instruction
  • Exercises and Assignments
  • Discussions and Group Work
Required course materials

Online and prepared resources

Fees Structure (15 days / A month):
15 Days - $ 500.00
30 Days - $ 750.00
Program Organization
Title of Course/Work Exprience Component Number of Hours
Listining 200 15
Reading 300 15
Writing 400 15
Speaking 500 15
Miscellaneous 600 (supplementary) 10 (only when needed)